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October 06 TNMCC Meeting PICS

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Kind of a small meeting last night. I only got 15 pictures...I would have taken more indivigual pictures of each model, but I didn't think to change my camera battery before we left, so I didn't have much juice left...almost didn't get the shots I did, luckily, I had a 3rd battery (?) I don't know why only one, and I was able to change that out and get the rest of the shots, with the low battery warning on the screen the whole time! Since I took so few pictures, ( a record low since I got Fotki) I'll just post them all.

Bob Pettine drove his 1960 Rambler to the meeting...it was getting kind of dark so it's hard to see, but it's a real beuty. Don't see many Ramblers in this nice of shape in the Northeast!



My work. Some of it anyway. The Janet Guthrie car mentioned in my signature is there in primer, the green Monte is out of the box just for comparison to show the work I did. The Johnny Rutherford #13 was completed since the last meeting, and the 2004 Dale Jr. car, the red one, was a box of white plastic 12 hours earlier. May even finish that one today. I love lacquer, I painted it at 5:30 PM, and it was dry enough to bring to the meeting, which started at 7 PM! The modified is an old build from 2004, which I brought to show the modified guys who hadn't ever seen it, as I finished it before they joined the club. It's going to be giving up it's display case soon, and I wanted to bring it before that.

The three 1/64 cars are all my work as well, the Kurt Busch Crown Royal is my best one, the Bill Elliott Burger King is my newest one, and the Ted Musgrave Sirius one was entirely BMFd, the hardest thing I've ever done in modeling! 1/64 NASCAR is actually my primary hobby, NOT models.

Also visible is the box of the Model King truck I bought.


My Sedan Delivery and the Model Cars Magazine Galaxie Limited ad it appears in. These will both be at Toledo, probably (if there is enough space) sitting the exact same way, with my info card and entry sheet over page #30.

My greatest modeling achievement!


My 1/64 cars. In progress in 1993 Jimmy Means and 2006 Boris Said.


Bob Pettine's work


Mike Callan is using the same kit I did for my Janet Guthrie car for this Monte.


Dan Marks brought his 53 Ford pickup and Ranchero race truck


A whole bunch of work, by Vince LoBosco, Edgar Valdivia and new guy Bo, whose last name I did not catch.


Bo's work, he said that the silver car is a replica of a friend's car, and the white car is a replica of a car he used to own.


Edgar is converting a 53 Ford into a 54 Packard!


Steve Glave brought two 32 Fords, which is not only next year's NNL East theme but also our club theme as well (The NNL East announcement is what made us choose it for ours, too) The car in primer will eventually be the yellow car he photographed.


Herb Hoskins brought some of his modified work...Unfortunatly the picture blurred :lol: The Frankie Schnieder car took him only 4 days to build.


Ron Wiessinger found this in his attic!


Ron also brought in some of his vintage kit collection for us to look at. Only the two 1940 Fords are built, the rest are unbuilt, and, save the El Camino, pristene! The El Camino was started when he got it, and it's the original 1965 issue of the kit.


Thanks for looking!

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Who is building that pink custom? It looks like it might be Vince's stuff? I really miss the club. Great bunch of guys, and great builders. Fortunatly I found a great bunch of builders here, but they only have meeting twice a year. Fortunatly we do get together during the winter months to have Build and Bulls. There's a concept that needs to make it's way East.

Thanks for the pics Billy!

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Right on Craig, that's Vince's Overhaulin project. He adapted a 60 Starliner interior to the old Johan Mopar, and is mastering a 57 Buick, too! We miss having you as a regular member as well! You should have the next newsletter by this time next week, I just created it about 5 minutes ago :)

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