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Tatra 815 NTH - Strato Models

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Here the newest kit from Strato Models.

6x6 Tatra 815 NTH over 300 resin, 3d-printed and etched parts. Expensive but worth the money.

If you convert it to a 4x4 with RHD and replace the Tatra V12 and transmission by an Auslowe Caterpillar 3208and an Allison automatic transmission you can build a RFW from Australia. Only one was build 2001.




Tatra _parts_1.jpg

Tatra _parts_2.jpg

Tatra _parts_3.jpg

Tatra _parts_4.jpg

Tatra _parts_5.jpg

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Very nice, that is a lot of work. A lot of design work went into that.

It does look like the master was 3D printed, and these parts are cast from the 3D master. That is why they all have those large blocks attached to the parts. It allows the resin to shrink and not effect the part.

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I seem to recall Rob de Bie posting information on this type of casting that seems to be popular in Europe.  Unlike in U.S., where pressure casting is usually used for bubble-free results, in Europe some use vacuum casting technique.  The large pour stub is used to allow the air bubbles to escape and as an resin reservoir for the resin which replaces the air inside the mold.  Plus that design makes it easier for the hardened part to be removed from 1-piece molds.

But I do agree that the masters were likely 3D printed.

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