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76 Nova Pro Stock/Street Junk Build


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I'm finished with the Parts Box Builder... It's a simple build with not alot of details... I'm still chasing the perfect build on one of these kits. I've yet to build one that I'm completely happy with.. but for now, this will have to do, as I'm out of examples and these things have become too expensive. The contents of this kit are less desirable and not worth spending the money. 

However, I do believe if Round II were to re-issue this one with new decals and boxart it would once agian restore my intrest. It is, afterall an example of my favorite year Nova. Then I'd probably take a case at least. 😆 

This build called out to me from the parts bin to do something with. It was just leftovers from ones that I had previously built through the years. I had enough to finish one more and I may try to finish the remaining one too. I'll take inventory on the rest of the parts.

Until then... Thanks for looking!😁

P.S. I've included a shot of the ones that I have left in my built collection. I've owned 18 real 75-79 Novas and the majority of the kits were built as replicas and then given away to the new owners when I sold each of the cars in the past 21 or 22 years. 











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Enjoyed watching your build on this and remember when you did a model of one of your personal cars in the past. This paint finish looks great and is similar to the colors I had on a '76 Nova SS demo from when I worked at a Chevrolet dealer. 

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