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Trade stuff, current: kits and parts

W Humble

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Everybody on MCM forums is so generous and helpful!  I'm going to post a partial list of stuff I have -- old mostly, from kits I bought in early early sixties, and a mixed bag: 1.25 unless otherwise noted.

Full kits:  Hubley METAL Duesenberg SSJ roadster; seems to be all there.  Don't know what I'd accept in trade but try me?  

'32 Ford Vicky, almost all there, I think- no instruction sheet or box, silver styrene, unbuilt

1970 Chevelle 454 SS, blue styrene, missing engine/trans and bucket seats, unbuilt

Parts:  Front and rear bumpers/grille from AMT '60 T-Bird, unused

Grille from AMT '60 Continental, nice unused  Also, roof and rear window, unused

Grille from ?? '59 Continental II think) unused

Grille-bumper from AMT '61 Thunderbird, unused but chrome sanded off outside faces of front bumper

Grille-bumper from AMT '61 Lincoln Continental, unused

Grille-bumper from ?? '71? Camaro SS, one side of bumper broken/lost

Bumper, rear, 1965 ? Chrysler Imperial, unused, nice

Grille, '64 Chevy Impala, unused

Chasis etc. AMT '53 Studebaker coupe, unused (no engine/trans or wheels/tires)

Grille only, JoHan '60 Chrysler, nice, detached from bumper

Grille/bumper AMT '60 Corvette, unused

Bumper, front, ?? '57 T-Bird, unused

Bumpers and grille, Hubley MGA (scale ?) good, used

Grille, Revell '62 Plymouth Fury, good (not outside headlites, tho)

Grille, JoHan '60 Dodge, needs rechroming (poss two)

Motorcycle, Revell?, Yamaha '72 250MX, two incomplete glue-bombed in parts (1 engine, 4 wheels/tires, 2 fork sets, lots of frame parts, etc.)

Extra engine/trans complete from Mono Rolls-Royce Derby roadster, built but okay.

A number of partial kit bodies, all missing parts: Grand Prix, Mach 1, Cougar, and some partial funny cars (body shells not bad)

Well, some more.  I don't want to 'do business' with these, mostly just 1.) wish parts I'll never use could get to someone who needs them, and 2.) it doesn't cost me any money if I just gift them to you -- lower part of the list, that is.  I'm always looking for speedway/Bonneville style tires (Firestones) and rims (Halibrand, etc), the old-school tall & narrow kind. 

Wick in N CA with no car modelers in town~

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More stuff to share:   Glue bombs, mostly body, tub, chassis and some bumpers, etc. 

Early '70s Cougar, paint stripped

C. 1971 Camaro (goes with the damaged grille already listed) stripped

Early '70s Monte Carlo, stripped, maybe short back bumper

The funny car is Prudhomme's Baracuda unpainted yellow plastic, some interior, already decaled from kit, guess I gave away others.

Hubley TR-3 grille, bumpers 1/24?

Grille, front bumper bar, and possibly rear bumper of unidentified luxury car, c. 1959, looks like Continental

The '64 Impala grille war in error, but I'd like to find an SMP '61 Impala grille.

Numerous chassis platforms, but I can't identify them, as they were part of a box gifted to me some years ago.    Wick

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