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1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno from Aoshima


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On this build I decided to try something I saw on YouTube. You take a 3D model kit and paint it up like it is 2D anime. It is also known as CEL shading.

So I took this 1986 Sprinter Trueno kit from Aoshima and tried it out.

The various shades of purply blue on the windows was airbrushed on. Then I primered the car with Tamiya white primer. I then painted the hood with Mr Hobby black primer. All the other various shades of grey was hand painted on with a brush. Then I used a Gundam panel line marker to paint the panel lines and draw all those black lines on the model. Tehn I used a white gel pen to draw the highlights on the hood. And finally I sprayed the whole thing with a matte clearcoat.

I hope you enjoy.











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Tehn I made an anime base to display it on.

Set the car on a piece of foamboard. Traced the shadow my workbench light left on the foamboard. and colored it in with a sharpie.



Then took a sharpie and a grey marker and colored in some anime road.


Ended up with this.


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On 1/25/2023 at 2:51 PM, ctruss53 said:

Thanks everyone.

I brought it in to a meeting of my local model club and everyone thought it was a paper model kit.  haha

thats how you know you've succeeded haha 

really though, it looks great well done 👏 

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