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MGC GTS Sebring 1968, C1 Models Transkit, Aoshima, 1/24

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The knowledgeable and observant will point out that the livery is not strictly correct. I wanted to do "Mabel", as she appeared at Sebring in 1968 for aesthetic reasons -- I have many race cars wearing wire wheels, and none with Minilites, and the dayglo orange front end goes better with dark BRG than yellow or smaller red patches. But the whole thing turned into a tribute to Paddy Hopkirk, who died after a long and fulfilling life just before Christmas, and his name only appeared on the car with hsi co-driver at the '69 race. So I've mix and matched the decals to combine the look I wanted with Paddy's driver ID, and hang the consequences!

It's been a challenge, but also a blast, and this is one REALLY well designed, manufactured, and instructed transkit.



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Fantastic job, Matt. That really looks the part. Nice details, and I really like the look from the front with the nice grill and bonnet strap. Wonderful stuff. 

Hadn’t heard about Paddy. Sorry to hear. Legendary driver and great guy. R.I.P Paddy Hopkirk. 

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Really nice work, Matt.  I've had this transkit in my stash for a while and your model may get me to raise the priority on it.  Hope mine turns out as well as yours!

Great photography too!  

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