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How to: Make some extra and various sized parts holders for painting small model parts

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Started to paint some rather small model items so I decided to use the alligator clips that come on the wood or plastic skewers.  Had purchased these at Hobby Lobby some time ago along with a plastic base to hold the skewers while the parts dried.  The skewers were all rather long in length so I decided to make some shorter length part holders.  Quick and easy and now I have plenty of holders to use. Here is what i did:

 1). I had some extra alligator clips on hand in my shop.  You may need to purchase the clips.

2). Take an existing long skewer with an attached alligator clip and cut it in half or to a desired length. 

3). Take the length of the skewer with the clip already attached to it and, using a pencil sharpener or other means, make a point on the cut end.  This shorter length part holder is now ready to use. 

4). Take up the other cut length of the skewer and attach a new alligator clip to the cut end.  This shorter length parts holder is now ready to use. 

Here are some photos that show the process I used to create more of the part holders for my own use.  Have fun making these up for yourself!











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