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1932 Ford Coupe rat rod

Alex Flint

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I call this build The Brown Recluse. I started with a Jimmy Flintstone resin chopped 1932 Ford Coupe body. 98% of the build is 3D printed. My donor kit is an AMT 1932 Ford Phaeton. I 3D printed a Nahuel Customs 1932 Ford hot rod frame. The spiderweb grill, also a Nahuel Customs design, has a brown recluse spider painted on it. The 3D printed tractor pull headers are also a Nahuel Customs design. The wheels are designed by Daft Design. The tires are 3D printed in a flexible black resin. The finned drum brakes are also 3D printed. The engine is a Matty's Custom Scale Frenzel Supercharged Flathead Ford engine and is 3D printed. The drive belt is a thin rubber hair band. The Optima Battery is 3D printed. The wiring is part of an aftermarket Pre-wired distributor. The radiator is scratch built out of some square styrene rods and a wire mesh water filter I found at a thrift store. The radiator hoses are made of hollow rubber bead cord I found at Hobby Lobby. The roof rack and everything in it is 3D printed. The visor is a 3D printed Nahuel Customs design. I opened up the trunk in order to fit the 3D printed military bomb fuel tank and the 3D printed NOS Bottle. The tiny Skull on the nose of the body is 3D printed. Interior was modified from the 1932 Ford Phaeton donor kit. The interior tub was cut in half and the original transmission tunnel was removed. The new transmission tunnel was made from scratch along with the trunk. The front and rear suspension was salvaged from the donor. The tractor seats are a 3D printed Nahuel Customs design sitting on some stands made from a styrene tube. The chain link steering wheel is 3D printed with a single Diamond Dot as the horn button. The Shifter is a 3D printed Holy Hand Grenade attached to a bent sewing pin. The cupholders are made from a couple of eyelets I found at Hobby Lobby. The dashboard is a 3D printed Nahuel Customs design. The entire build is hand painted with a paint brush. The person is a 3DP Miniatures design and is 3D printed. I painted the person to look like me. The wagon is also 3D printed and is painted to look like a rusty Radio Flyer wagon. The base that it's sitting on in some of the pictures is just a ceramic tile I found at a second hand hardware store. This is one of my favorite builds I've ever done. 

















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