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Model Factory Hiro 1963 Ferrari 250 Lusso


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2 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

I found a nail 'polish' hoping it was close to the teal on that particular Lusso.  Anything other than red, right?


Yeah I am leaning toward a burgundy/ Maroon. I have some in stock that might look pretty good. Was saving it for my 246 Dino. 

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Fitted the glass. A little work with a hiro kit. I made a template for the side windows. Fit the template first then traced it onto the clear plastic. They fit good. You will want to do this before paint. A lot of handling . 







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On 1/28/2023 at 9:19 AM, curt raitz said:

Love watching people build MFH models...I have built a few and just started on this one


I picked it up the NNL West last June. I opened it up over a month ago and the photo-etch parts are missing.

I have contacted MFH about replacing them, but have not got a response.

Any help would greatly be appreciated, thank you

"Keep on Building"


Hello Curt, here is the contact that Mark uses if there is any issues on a kit. Hope this helps


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17 hours ago, gbtr6 said:

Nice, it does have the copper undertones. It looks great on many vintage Ferrari's.


Ok Perry, it’s going Nocchiola. This just hit me like a rock. Looks great, not the usual colors of a Ferrari, and I have never painted a model car this color , so it wins all around for me. Thank you for the picture. Maybe this weekend it will be painted. 

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Ok, after a day of frustration on the front suspension, it’s built. Nothing fits at all. Had to bend the A arms forward to get the tires to sit in the fender correctly. Cut the springs. Typical model factory hiro. My fellow modeler Phil, put a hiro kit together and said NO MORE! And he is a national IPMS champion. He said it was the most expensive scratch built kit he has ever bought. And today I believed him. Fought this front suspension. It was off on everything. But I was not going to give up. Finally the way I want it. Now take it all back apart and paint the front suspension. I’m sure glad this is not the first hiro kit I built as I would have said “ no more” I also reshaped the front fenders at the wheel opening to center the tire/ wheel . I have only seen one mfh lusso kit built. Now I know why. 









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Just looked up what nocchiola translates into. Hazelnut. Makes sense. Just painted her and she came out great. Soon as she dries I’ll put the body on the chassis for a pic. And boy is she hazelnut. 

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