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76 Charger body

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Hi all, Well I finally got around to making a 77 Dodge Charger funny car body and its ready to be molded to get me some resin copies and get a good thin body to make some decals for. I've always liked this body but got tired of waiting for someone to produce one that I can buy. I started with what I believe is a 78 Monaco resin body then started cutting and fabricating it to were its now a Charger. It just seems to be more interesting to build cars you don't really see, thanks to companies like Competition Resins that mass produce many different bodies for filing that gap. I really want to make the Tommy Ivo2032571680_20230128_095046(2).jpg.2fb409bc8dd082dbfd6362e0b43ccf11.jpg1407413611_20230128_094842(2).jpg.0721bcc77bf7690fc78281600015afc1.jpg2119904375_20230128_094917(2).jpg.3a0f23780df9454b02600dbfc7fa0c2b.jpg1-1628537820476.jpg.7704247d2eb066d7c7000d94cb27ff94.jpg3-1628537821128@2x.jpg.4b2a77433e73f545d96cff0d7189bfc1.jpg4mrnorm1.jpg.a9915580225a9e4d854cdef9da329266.jpg2449638be486900.jpg.069c918322246dacb3bcf0a0c74a21e2.jpg2449638a9136ad5.jpg.c722388a0bfae2841b179cef6e264f40.jpg60496976fd7b5cf.jpg.ed429c56a1e4f987ba5584656dcc2d44.jpg77mrnorm-1.jpg.a72ad46b45bc7f155f2bdfb2b3a2a8e8.jpg car and the Mr Norms Charger into reality. I'll keep you posted, Thanks


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Nice work. I remember seeing Ivos’ Charger at a match race at here in the Carolinas at a local track around 77-78 when I was a kid. Hopefully you will do the Ivo version👍

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