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Cal look bug


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I have just started this Revell 1/16 scale beetle. Decided to build an old school cal looker. Got some 2d printed Fuchs alloys from 3d scale parts, they needed a bit of work to get them under the rear arches but I got there. I lowered the front by turning the trailing arms and then I had to put a wedge plate under the mounting point so the camber was corrected and the wheels sit in the arches properly. 

Now on with the body work. 

Thanks for looking Lee. 




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Small Update 

Got some primer on the bug after I have filled the indents for the chrome trim. Still some cleaning up to do. I have put the side panels together and filled all the ejector pin marks, and there are plenty! Also filled all the seams and had test fit with the body and it fits nicely. 

Thanks for looking Lee 




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Wow! Gorgeous color!

As a VW fan, back in the day I would cringe when I saw a vintage split-window, instead of being restored, getting redone as a Cal-Looker, Hawaiian, or (yikes!) a Baja Bug. Given that this is just a model kit though, I think I can actually relax and enjoy the build. :) 

This looks like a fun project.

David G.

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