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Traditional 1929 Ford Woody Wagon Hot Rod

Dennis Lacy

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On 3/21/2023 at 7:19 PM, Ace-Garageguy said:

"Perfect stance" doesn't get any more perfect than that.

No smoke-blowing...that thing is just righteous, with plenty of room for beach bunnies.   :D

Thanks so much, Bill. I couldn’t be happier with the stance or wheel / tire proportions. 

On 3/22/2023 at 11:16 AM, Dan Hay said:

As someone who has personally installed an SBC in front of an early Ford drivetrain, I'm amazed at your level of detail in the bellhousing area.. looks just like a Cragar or Wilcap adapter!  And that Hurst mount!  That's exactly how I built a (1:1) 40 Standard Tudor about 10 years ago. 

Not to mention the stance and the overall attitude is spot on. 

I put a Vette fuelie engine in a 48 Ford convertible some years ago. I think mine came from a Revell 59 or 60 Corvette kit. Just having finished a 57 black widow last year, that FI 283 is pretty nice. Might have to get another kit just for the engine.

Thanks, Dan! It helps that I’ve also done the same combination in full scale for my truck. The parts are out there in scale if one knows where to look. I actually prefer the appearance of the adapter bell housing found in the AMT parts pack small block Chevy but it doesn’t have a starter provision. If it did it would be perfect. I have one of the ‘60 Corvette FI setups in the stash for future use but I prefer the finned plenum from the ‘57. 

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Didn’t have a full afternoon at the bench but did make some progress. 

I took the trans cross member out to clean it up and enlarge the exhaust pass-thru holes. Also decided to make a master cylinder bracket out of .020” sheet and mounted a Revell 1948 Ford master cylinder. Topped it off with some Grandt Line nuts.




The trans cross member is now permanently installed in the frame. The front motor mount pads were trimmed down which allowed the engine to move forward another 1/16”. 





The radiator from the Woody is a perfect fit in the AMT ‘29 Roadster shell. Mocked up there is plenty of fan clearance. In the picture below the shell is actually leaning back a bit so the clearance will be better when it’s properly upright. 


Tucking the engine forward made enough room that it won’t be necessary for a fully recessed firewall like I was thinking it would need. After trying a few ideas I found that the optional firewall from the ‘29 Roadster was a perfect fit after shaving it smooth and relieving the bottom opening a bit more. The recess leaves just enough room for a distributor.


The engine fits like a glove! 






That’s it for now. 😎

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Dennis, your woody is coming out beautiful! I love how you're taking a mish-mash of parts and making them go together like a fine Swiss watch. Frankly, I'm more than a little jealous :) 

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5 hours ago, 68shortfleet said:

Looking good @Dennis Lacy

I'm liking the current engine choices best so far. 

So how many Tweedy Pie kits do you have in the stash that are missing that excellent bellhousing adapter?


I don’t know how many are missing the bell housing but I think I have 3 kits but 7 of those engines. A guy on eBay was parting-out the most recent issue with the back-dated parts when it came out and I bought every motor cause you get 6 carbs per with those bitchin frog mouth scoops. I guess that means I ended up with 42 carbs! 🤣

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Dennis....fascinating progress and agree with everyone....lookin' really good.  Best of luck bringing this one forward and over the finish line. Will be especially interested to see where you go with the color palette, too.   Best....Tim 

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Food for thought on paint schemes... next time I build a 28-29 full fendered A, I think I want to go with black fenders and grill with a lighter body like Jim Jacob's panel..  may not do the brown, but I might, I've never painted a car brown before.


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Posted (edited)


I hadn’t touched this project in a couple of weekends as I decided to finish assembly of my T Bucket and then there was Easter. This past Sunday I was back on the Woody and made some solid progress. 

The Woody kit floor is flat and interfered with the bell housing and transmission so it was gonna need some tweaking. After looking through my interior bin I decided that a Revell ‘32 3-Window floor had the trans tunnel needed so it was cut out along with the toe panel. 


The toe panel and corresponding area was then removed from the flat Woody floor and the 3-Window section grafted into place. 



The floor now fits into place and clears the trans and bell housing nicely. 


With the floor mod a success the superfluous edges of the toe panel were trimmed, a notch filed into the center to fit around the recess in the firewall and the little notches in the edge of the narrow front part of the floor filled. 



Then it was time to do something about the gaping hole in the back of the floor where the Z’d frame pokes up. The hole was framed with .080 x .125” rectangle rod with the front edges cut at 60 degrees. A cap was made made from two pieces of .040” sheet with a hole for the tip of the arched cross member to poke through. The finished floor cap is just tall enough to clear the Z’d frame. 



The finished floor pan!




With the floor finished it was time to figure out seats. The kit stock style seats weren’t gonna cut it and after trying a few options it was found a pair of Revell ‘32 5-Window pleated bench seats would be perfect. The rear one has the bottom edges trimmed the height of the floor cap and both seats had their empty back sides filled in with .040” sheet. 





A few close ups with the body on. 




And a couple of full view mock ups. The seats definitely make the Woody look more “complete”.



That’s all for now. 😎


Edited by Dennis Lacy
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37 minutes ago, Rocking Rodney Rat said:

They do look great, don't they? I like the slice on the bottom of the back seat, not much cushioning!!  -RRR

In the immortal words of Monty Python, “It’s only a model.” 😁

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This past Sunday wasn’t very productive. I got a late start at the bench and decided to  work on fitting an exhaust system. Sometimes it clicks right away and sometimes I end up staring at it for 3 hours. This time was the latter but finally my brain started working and I was able to rough-in the pipes and mufflers from the trans cross member back. Then the dinner bell rang and so ended my bench time. 

The mufflers are from the dual pipes in Revell’s 1948 Ford Convertible and pin to brackets added to the frame at the molded in hanger detail. The front tubes are sections also taken from the 48’s dual pipes. The rear sections are part of the dual pipes found in all of the Revell 1932 Ford’s. So far the sections are just pinned together. 





That’s all for now. Next I’ll tackle the front sections which will have to have some twists and turns, made complicated by running the pipes through the cross member rather than below it. 

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