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I found surfboards included in the 41 AMT Woody and 64 Marauder kits. Also, when Jada put out those VDUB diecast in 1/24 scale, each box included an extremely nice board. I found more from one of the vendors at the Rod and Custom Show in Portland but they're mine, sorry. :)

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Geeashhhh, guys, please forgive me on this one, and I hate to be critical, but every surfboard I have ever seen made, all of which are described above (except the epoxy ones mentioned) are not even close to a real surfboard. I started surfing in 1961 at 14 and surfed actively until I was 50, then sporadically until I was 55 when severe back problems set in. From 1968, I shaped and glassed custom surfboards for local surf shops. I learned from California pros visiting the East Coast, and when one went back he left me his templates. So, I have a pretty discerning eye, and I am not bragging because the 3 fin beauties you see in surf shops are nothing but art, and now way out of my league, or should I say way beyond my league. I still have 2 boards I shaped left, although I will probably never be able to surf again. The last time I surfed was 2005 at 58.

There were even surfboards contained in the Monogram Garbage Truck, and I paid 50c each for about 5 klits with crushed boxes at Model Expo, but ended up throwing away the boards and salvaged the wheels.

My critique is not aimed an anyone's work, but the factories who seem to spend so much time on scaling out the model, use a surf theme and what they produce tells me they have never seen a real surfboard. The boards are "pig" shaped boards with very old fashioned fins, which ended in 1962, and from then noseriders with speed fins took over. Today the boards are pointy, blunt on the back, have 3 very small tri-fins and all boards since 1971 have a noticeable nose rocker *tilted upwards" downturned rails, and a little more streamlined. They are usually clear coated then trimmed with color decals flames et al, and have a stringer thin wood piece going down the center to maintain the camber of the board.

I am almost finished with my "Inside Woody" which is a 40 Ford Sedan Delivery which I dreamed of one night, woke up and made notes, then went back to sleep. I cut the roof off to make it look like a phaeton, put in some Corvette bucket seats, made it a 4 door, and am painting it two tone turquoise metallic fenders and upper trim with a pearl white body. On the body, I am practicing using a pencil tip silver Sharpie to make ocean foam bubbles where flames would be, and on the back, airbrushing a wave breaking. The inside was made to look like the outside of a woodie, and they begged for neat surfboards. So, I took some Plastruct sheeting, and doubled them so I could put some thickness here and thinness there. I fabricated fins, used a piece of black thread to simulate the stringer, and then painted it flat texture white then clear coated it.

Hopefully the entire model will look good enough to enter a contest out of state this fall, and if I can get some badwith, I will take some pix and post them. All of my MB is used up on pictures I posted a few months ago.

Ken "FloridaBoy" Willaman

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