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"Down by the river..."


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A little dino diorama I built a few years ago. The T-Rex came out of the box painted this way, but I did a complete repaint on the ankylosaurus to match the "environment". Various types of ground cover, rocks, etc. used. Epoxy resin for the water, with modpodge stippled on for the ripples.










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14 hours ago, James2 said:

All though I was expecting a van under a river bridge with a campfire going, it's still a nice piece... 

I was expecting a different "Van down by the river"


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Yea great job on this unique diorama.Scary looking dinosaurs you’ve got there.Lol..The smaller dino resembles a sort of prehistoric alligator.Oh and that SnL skit with Chris Farley.(hope i spelled his name correctly).And not to change the subject,but Farley,who died way too young,had to be one of the funniest people on earth.God,it would crack me up as soon as he opened his mouth.🤣🤣I remember,It being such a tragedy when I heard.He went almost exactly like his idol,John Belushi had..RIP to both.Ok,sorry again for getting off the topic.”HE LIVES IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER”!!!🤣🤣

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