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Very nice Jurgen. I like the chains and the airlines etc... nice details. Amazed that it survived all those moves, you must have spent some time packing it up. 

The tank trailer looks good, where did that come from? 

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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

The trailer ist a Revell kit. I just added the third axle.

As I heard from the Carlile team, I've been in contact with them, the trailers become quite heavy and since they're offen longer than the standard 40' trailers they would break down with full load.

This is it.

Oh yes, I changed the tires of the trailer according to the ones in the tractor. Thought it might look better! That way the trailer looks eben larger!


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By the way, the 'dust' is Just plain baby powder!

That works best! Sticks when it's supposed to and ist cleaned away easily!

The wiper marks were Made with a peace of soft cardboard Cut to the lenght of the wipers and then swiped over the powder. Works every time!

and I added steering. Looks better! 🙂IMG_20230306_212603_(800_x_400_pixel).jpg.48fc9e327617a60f659ce7d6ff4e7cb0.jpg

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