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Real Riders Tribute 56 Ford

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This Build is a Tribute to the Hi-Tail Hauler SE Real Riders "Good'ol Pic Um Up" released by Hot Wheels in 1985.

I started with the Foose Ford, I De-Foosed it as much as possible, shaved the embossed Foose Logo off the Tailgate, added F O R D letter decals.

The wheels and tires are from the Monogram Chevy Luv. I used 4 back wheels and tires stripped the chrome and added center caps from the Monogram 53 Chevy Belair... Signature Real Riders Good year decals came from an AMT Nascar.

The Color is Candy Scarlett under 3 coats of Wet look clear. I added the "Good Ol Pick Um Up" Hood decal to complete the tribute. The dirt bikes are from the AMT Parts Pack. 

Basically this is a Box Stock build with a few minor changes (wheels and tires and decals.) Thanks for looking and have a Good'Ol Day!👍😁











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Thanks to everyone for the nice comments, I do appreciate it!  This is a simple kit with minimal problems. My only complaint is to me for not reading the directions. I skipped a few steps ahead out of order on the build and it kinda cost me in hindsight. All in All I consider it a win because I'll know better the next time.😁

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3 hours ago, spencer1984 said:

Beautiful work on this, that finish is outstanding!

Thanks Bill, that means alot coming from you... I'm really excited to see the family truckster project of yours! I'll keep updating myself on the build, I was actually thinking about getting one of those myself. 

These Hot Wheels inspired type of builds really remind me of the cool themes you come up with... definitely  channeling your energy when I start thinking about what to build.  I've been following along with your builds for nearly 15 years in amazement so Thank you for the inspiration.👍

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On 3/24/2023 at 9:46 AM, ncbuckeye67 said:

I bought the dirt bike parts pack a few years ago. This makes me want to find a suitable 4x4 truck

Thanks for the comments, I would suggest the 70's Monogram Chevys or maybe the MPC GMC. The older truck's beds and the Foose Ford is too short, as you can see I had to turn the front wheels to fit the bikes on there. Not ideal but I built it too fast to think about the bikes not fitting. Kind of a regret but there's always something you wish you would've done. Those bikes aren't the best to build either but they do look cool if you spend the extra time on then. Have fun and I hope the build goes smoothly. 

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On 3/30/2023 at 5:52 AM, ncbuckeye67 said:

70 Sierra Grande

I seen somewhere that this kit may be reissued some time in the future. Perhaps one of Round II retooling projects maybe? 🤔 I'd be in for that one for sure and l like the trailer idea too.

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3 minutes ago, ncbuckeye67 said:

Really? That would be a definite must have! I think they've about ran the Chevy into the ground,lol.

This one, I assume is the same (pretty much) as the 70 Sierra Grande. But would include the 70 grill and the camper top... 


AMT Y925-200 Fleetsideex.jpeg.jpg



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