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Ford GT 40 MK II

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2 hours ago, yellowsportwagon said:

Who makes the best 1:24-1:25 scale GT 40?

If you want to build a customer MkII (excepting the Alan Mann Racing "lightweight" MkII) or a MkII prior to Sebring 1966, the Fujimi kit. If you want to build a factory MkII post-Sebring 1966, the Meng kit. If you don't intend to be that specific on small body variations, the Meng kit is full detail where the Fujimi is curbside. The Meng kit was tooled up within the past three years while the Fujimi kit dates to the mid-80's. The Fujimi is more often than not available for cheaper than the Meng kit and arguably does have nicer wheels & tires. There are also excellent resin and 3D printed transkits on the market to make the Fujimi full detail.

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I have both the Meng and Fujimi kits and both has their drawbacks, but I think the body has better proportions on the Fujimi kit, but as Justin says all the Fujimi GT 40 kits are curbside.
The Meng kit is full detail but has some issues and I belive it's based on their 1:12 kit and the wheels and some other parts are not that great as some details are quite crude representations of what they are supposed to be.

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As Gerry says, there are many to choose from, but you have to decide if you are going to do a Mk I, Mk II, J-Car or MK IV
For Mk I you have the Revell GT and the newly issued 68-69 MK I (reboxed Fujimi), the Fujimi kits and the old Testors/IMC/Union kits.
Mk II Fujimi, Revell (reboxed Fujimi), Meng and IMC/Testors/Union kits
J-Car IMC/Testors/Union and MPC.
Mk IV IMC/Testors/Union and MPC
There are also some aftermarket stuff for the GT 40's, both complete kits and conversion kits

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4 minutes ago, yellowsportwagon said:

I’m specifically interested in doing a MkII. Which kit is the best of the group fit wise?

The Meng has much better fit than the Fujimi despite having a higher parts count. The Fujimi's fit issues are fairly minor, though, and mostly stem from the fact that Fujimi has had the kit in near constant production since the late 80's.

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