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Wow, very nice build and photography of one of my favorite cabovers.  Yours looks just like one that I used to see occasionally around my hometown years ago. 

I used to hope some model company would crank one out in 1/25 or 1/24 styrene, but...




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Great build!  I like the blue paint livery, I can see it can give you trouble if you don't line up the curve lines correctly, but you did a good job!

Thanks for showing us a beautiful model!

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On 3/13/2023 at 3:40 PM, Hessel Hemstra said:

My latest, Ford CL9000. KFS conversion with Italeri chassis. Fueltanks from Moebius. Last weekend for the first time on display at the annual "on the road"  show in Jabbeke Belgium. All pics at   https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/our_own_models_and/dmtc-members/hessel/finished-models/ford-cl9000/




Is this the source?...... https://kitformservices.com/

I'm not seeing this one on their site.

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10 minutes ago, Hessel Hemstra said:

I bought this at an auction. KFS has been sold as a company since then. This is an older kit from them. Still can be found on the second hand market. Might be pricy though.

Thx! 👍

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