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Revell 1969 Chevelle SS-396


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15 hours ago, AMT68 said:

Thanks David and I did debate using the bodyside stripes but as you've mentioned I ultimately decided to go with the cleaner look. I won't necessarily rule them out on future builds.


Thank you David, I always feel the white or off white interiors really pop especially in the sun.

And since you and David (espo) asked I've included an engine shot along with a couple of indoor pictures of the car in the meanwhile. While I take care to produce neatly built engine compartments I don't always show them since I don't build them up beyond what the kit provides. While I do have 30AWG wrapping wire for plug wires I really haven't advanced to the point of adding that and other underhood detailing. As a result I feel my engine compartments pale in comparison to some of the highly detailed examples I see here.  I did make an attempt at a fuel line on this one. 




DSC_6114 - Copy.JPG

DSC_6038 - Copy.JPG

DSC_6128 - Copy.JPG

While I like detailing the engines in most builds, because of the scale we build in it can sometimes start to look a little busy. I feel that something cleanly done has as much or even more of a visual impact than a busy looking subject. 

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23 hours ago, doorsovdoon said:

Beautiful looking build. I love the colour combo. My son built this same kit not long ago and said it was nice kit to do. Need to get one myself seeing how nice they come out!

Thanks Gareth I'm sure you'll build a great looking example. And if you like applying decals this kit has plenty of them...lol.

18 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

That looks sweeet!


11 hours ago, Andrew McD said:

Excellent work!

Thank you Bill and Andrew.

1 hour ago, deuces wild said:

It's freakin' beautiful!!!!!.... I love it!....😎👍

Thanks Guido I've found it's all about patience when building. My one disappointment is the slight bulge in the hood on the drivers side which didn't appear until after I assembled the body to chassis. 

48 minutes ago, carrucha said:

Very sharp.  Nice work on the paint.

Thanks Hector.  

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13 hours ago, ve safari said:

Now that's a clean build!


12 hours ago, grodudulle77 said:

Very nice build, i really like the color. Neat work !! 👍😀


9 hours ago, smellyfatdude said:

Beautiful color, in fact the whole build is a real jaw dropper. I didn't think that kit could be made to look that good! 😎

Thanks Eyman, Phillippe, and D.W. Besides the rear taillights/bumper assembly it really does assemble nicely. 

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9 hours ago, Ulbo said:

Very nice built👍

Thanks Rastislav

8 hours ago, Andy Oldenburg said:

Cool build, very close to the real thing. Also meaning that if you hadn´t mentioned your problem with the bumper fit, I wouldn´t have noticed. Nine shine on the paint! I like👍

Thanks Andreas. I plan to keep working on that fit in the future. 

2 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Wow Tom, thats a real beauty.  The outdoor sunset pics are great👍

Thanks Mike, I've come to like the early morning sunrise and sunset pictures the best. 

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