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1969 Chevy Chevelle SS

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After building a couple of less than stellar kits, I thought I needed some relief. So I went to one of my favorites, this Revell 69 Chevelle SS 396. I built it last year in Daytona Yellow with a tan interior (see photos below). This time I am painting it Dupli-Color Bright Aqua metallic.  Its not exactly Glacier Blue metallic but its close just a little darker. White and blue interior. I've painted everything before the weather turned wet and cold so I should be able to work on it for the next few days. Rubbed it out today and finished the foil on the body. Here are a few photos. Thanks for looking! 😎





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Thanks Pierre and James! I appreciate your comments! 

Sorry for the blurry photos but the engine is done. I added the short hose on the front of the engine, the breather hoses, and fuel line with glass bowl filter, in addition to the plug and coil wires. I'll add heater hoses when installed. Thanks for looking! 😎




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I got a chance to touch up the body. The two small fins coming off the back of the B pillar and the trunk lip were exposed while rubbing out the body. I was able respray the  trunk and touch up the small fins with a brush. I have rubbed it out again around the back. 


My next Chevelle will be the Olds version, the 1971 Olds 442 W-30. The body is newly tooled, as I understand it, and it looks like a great kit.  I watched an hour video on by the HPI guys on Model roundup and was surprised by the difference in approach from what I do. But it worked out very well and I may adopt some of those processes, like completely assembling the front and rear suspensions and painting them as one unit and adding other paint detail with a brush. But I think I'll steer away from painting a body with Krylon. I have done it a time or two but wasn't really pleased with the result. I have painted this one with Dupli-Color Dark Toreador Metallic to approximate a stock color called Sienna. I think I'll do the interior in a brownish leather color.

Gonna rain tomorrow. I have plenty to do! Thanks for looking! 😎


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Thanks, Marc and Bob! I appreciate your comments! 

The interior is done. I used all the kit decals, including the seat belts. I am not quite sold on seat belt decals but since it is hardtop the detail will be hard to see. Thanks for looking! 😎





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Its on wheels! The radiator brace or top was a little troublesome but I unglued it from the inner sides of the body and glued it to the top of the radiator support and that pushed it down so the hood would close in the front.  Front and rear hardware, door handles and mirrors, and decals and this one will be done! Thanks for looking! 😎




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Thanks, Dan! I appreciate your comment! 

This one is done! A very nice kit and it went together well! I made one mistake with the front bumper and managed to get glue on the top of the bumper. I had to take it off, sand out the top of the bumper and then foil it. I haven't made that mistake in many, many years and hopefully not again! It turned out OK but the top of the bumper doesn't have the truly chrome finish. Decals went on very well. I have it along side the last one I built in Daytona Yellow in one photo. Thanks for looking! 😎









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