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Caterpillar D8H Bulldozer

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My brother got this for me for Christmas a few years back. I didn't do much aside from strip the chrome parts and stick it back in the stash. About a year ago I ran across some aftermarket decals, featuring a grille pattern and Caterpillar graphics. I don't know who printed them, they came with an envelope of various decals I bought along with a few other farm and construction kits. 

Anyway... Earlier this winter I finally decided it was this kit's turn at the bench. I kept it mostly box stock, with three exceptions. Obviously the aftermarket decals, and also a milk crate for a little extra storage, and seat cushions cut from balsa foam. The balsa foam was painted Tamiya Rubber Black and then sanded to simulate exposed padding. I went with the drawbar option instead of the ripper. 

Paint overall is Revell Matt Yellow, with Tamiya Linoleum Deck Brown on the tracks. LDB was also brushed and misted to simulate rust and grime, along with Tamiya Hull Red. The blade face is Revell Steel misted with more LDB and washed with Vallejo rust wash. Monroe weathering powder was also applied throughout. I definitely wanted a weathered appearance but something a touch more subtle than how a lot of people tend to build these. 

It's actually a pleasant kit to build, despite what I've heard about it. Kicking myself now for waiting this long to tear into one. Eventually I may add some hydraulic hoses but overall I'm happy enough with it. 


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34 minutes ago, Tcoat said:

Amazing overall but my favourite is the spilled fuel running down from the filler. That is the perfect touch of realism.

Just noticed the gear oil running out of the final drive in the back, Nice.

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