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69 powerwagon.

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I am going to start printing these. This is the first 3D file from @coachbuilder_ua that includes an opening hood with engine. The steering will be posable also!!  Hit me up if you need one. 





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I just got home an hour ago from a week long business trip and my kit was delivered today. 9 days from when I placed my order to it being in my mailbox, which is very impressive considering that includes shipping from central Nebraska to Charlotte !

I will post pictures tomorrow, worn out from the week, but my first glance at it and it looks beautiful.

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Covid kicked my backside so I am a week late posting pictures. Andy does a great job printing and shipping these kits, gotta save my lunch money up for a couple of others he has available.

Here's pictures of what I received, very nice indeed and when compared to some other 3D printed stuff, its quite the kit with all that is included.







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I ordered a crewcab kit and just received it in perfect shape this afternoon. The kit is nothing short of spectacular and I was kept updated of all progress throughout the ordering process. I definitely plan on doing business with him again!!

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