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70 1/2 ford falcon


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I made this 70 1/2 us ford falcon model using various Revell 70 ford torino parts from my parts boxes and a set of rims from a Revell build and play snaptite 2015 ford mustang the front windshield is not from a Revell 70 torino but a random windshield that would fit I scratch made the hard posts and the rear side windows it was missing taillights so I painted them in and then drew on the chrome surrounds I had to curbside it as none of the ford engines I had would fit the chassis I wanted to put classic ford rims on it but did not have front or rear suspension and wheel back hookups






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42 minutes ago, Sledsel said:

Looks nice. I love purple too! If you ever want to build a more accurate 70 1/2, try this.... http://www.motorcityresincasters.com/70halffalcon.htm


I have read that that guy is not reliable or a good  seller in a thread on this forum and the fact he has not updated his site since 2015 as it states that on the site  makes me not want to even take a chance plus  I would have to buy a visa gift card to order from that site and I hate those gift cards cause you have to pay to activate them unlike normal gift card which all you have to do is buy them at a pre set a mount or ones that you can put what ever amount you want and that is it ready to use 

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