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Happy Saturday! Ran into a lot of fit issues on this kit and it was pushed to the back of the bench for about a month.

B812668A-56BB-4839-B934-6D2EDF0E4FF9.thumb.jpeg.68c9a816320e4667e0d833904584211b.jpeg577F135D-E33C-463C-963A-D1344FB307C3.thumb.jpeg.5bb39f96dfd975b48135c04352fdb7c6.jpeg103F00A9-127A-4AC1-B07C-F4FFDE42DF20.thumb.jpeg.5d04b5c02b4851555d12d813de1c5fe8.jpegE1CC9751-5730-41CA-9CB0-11020F5C3575.thumb.jpeg.8e77d7deb4d1c0d80759894e6e4b3f1a.jpegB812668A-56BB-4839-B934-6D2EDF0E4FF9.thumb.jpeg.68c9a816320e4667e0d833904584211b.jpegSometimes those breaks do wonders, everything seemed to go better once I got back on it and was happy with the finished product.

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2 hours ago, '70 Grande said:

A great looking build; well done! I have this kit in the works and am curious if you might describe some of the fit issues you encountered.

Thanks Mark.

As far as issues I encountered, the biggest is the twist of the frame. I’ve read that several on here seem to have this issue with this particular kit. I actually had to clamp the frame on one side and heat it up with a heat gun to get mine to move far enough to then settle back where I needed it. 

The back panel of the cab is a little confusing as well. Make sure you assemble it from the inside of the cab. I had some warning on this from another member so that helped but I can see where it is very confusing through the instructions.

The bed on mine had a couple issues as well. It actually had twist in it but then even after removing the twist, the way it mounts is kind of goofy as the pins on mine were bigger than the holes (prior to paint). I had warning on this as well so opened up the holes in the frame. The bed wasn’t bad to get the twist out of but the frame was a task.

Don’t let it discourage you from building the kit, I think it’s a good looking kit and modeled well after the 1:1 but I definitely had some issues along the way. At one point it got pushed to the back of the bench for a couple weeks. 😂


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