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Dave Strickler's '62 Chevy Super Stock


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Revell '62 Impala kit, Jack Smith decals. On the real car "992 B/FX" wuz  printed on paper and attached with masking tape, I replicated this with some clear decal film painted to look like masking tape. Front and rear suspensions required much mods to get the right stance.






















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Ohhhh. Really like this one. Perfect stance and super neat overall job on build/ paint/ decals. I built and posted a Dyno Don yellow version of this Impala  recently and found this Revell kit to be really well engineered and a joy to build.

I’ve been building more than a few early sixties stockers over the last few years and wish I could add this one to my collection. Bravo!

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This is some really nice paint detailing under the hood on the wheels and on the chassis. With a little work mostly on the stance and header fabrication these revell kits can make convincing super stocks . MCW used to make Dyno don , house of speed , golden rod, Dick harrell , and Dave strickler decals. Chris Walsh makes ones for the Ronnie evans car, and smp also makes a few others. 

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