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Inspired by one of Dennis' latest projects (his '29 Woody)....a look at two of mine from back in the day...

tim boyd

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One of these was a Scale Auto Enthusiast cover story from the late 1980's....and very much inspired by an Ivory colored '32 Woody built by Boyd Coddington.  It had a way-ahead-of-the-curve paint color - a way old can of Krylon early 1960's style aqua turquoise.   had originally planned to paint it with a can of Mercury 1978 Medium Jade touch-up paint but that disappeared in my move from Michigan to East Cobb Georgia c. 1987, and the Krylon was the backup.   The rest of the kit was largely stock from the (originally MPC) AMT/Ertl reissue, but to get that stance was a major league headache and I recall that making up much of the story in SAE.  

DSC 0245

Of course, as usual, once I did this one I couldn't help but do a second one, that was far more traditional in flavor.  

DSC 0270

Both these used real wood for the woody area insets and the first one, just as Boyd C did on his car, had much of the internal bracing cut away. 

Then, still couldn't let up the inspiration so i did a third one based on the Monogram '30 A Woody kit, but using the "Sedan Delivery" style panels included in that kit. Here's how that one came out...

DSC 0264

These two ended up in a follow-up article either in Scale Auo Enthusiast or Car Modeler magazines.  

Of course, while these were pretty well turned out for the late 1980's , they do not begin to approach the level of detail and quality seen in Dennis' latest project in the WIP part of the forum .  But I still like ''em for what they are.  (You can see Dennis' Woody project here...


Lots more pix here if you want to see more on my three Model A woodies above....and three other Boyd woodies along with a scale surfboard collection....and thanks for looking...TIM


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TIM! Wow. I wore out the issue of SAE with the teal woodie in it. I even built a copy to the best of my 10? year old ability. And, as I was reading Dennis’ thread I thought about it again. Looks like I’ll be building a 29 woody soon! Thanks for posting this blast from the past!

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So glad to see you share these here, Tim! I just absolutely LOVE the turquoise Woody. I remember it well from the cover of SAE. It’s so right-on from every angle. Deleting the superfluous wood frame pieces gives it such a clean, updated look especially when compared to the stock body of the bronze one directly below. And the color, that color is so much 80’s goodness combined with the monochromatic headlights, grill, bumper and 3-piece hood. This model is a great counterpart to your pink ‘29 Pickup. 😎

PS: Thanks for the shout out to my Woody project! 😁

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I picked up a bunch of old Scale Autos a while back, and I recognized the teal and bronze cars from those, but don't recall seeing the blue one before.

As usual, the stance, color and overall look of these really hit the spot...beautiful work!  And they still look great 40 years later!  Going to check out that Fotki link now for some more inspiration 😍

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