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G'day all, here I have my version of the Revell 50 Ford F1 pickup. Completed in July 2017, It is all oob. Paint is Tamiya ts21 gold and ts14 black with ts46 light sand for the bench seat. The only change was the lowered stance. Thanks for looking and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. 


David. 😎👍Kp.jpg.baca2f607b9c058a30259668be918a53.jpg20230423_193252.thumb.jpg.0092b2f4c1e08beee26978eee5c0bb15.jpg20230423_193317.thumb.jpg.6adce5d48b50cdd2e18f4903f763565d.jpg20230423_193419.thumb.jpg.d6a93319ad0182cd2c4fc3110eda2f92.jpg20230423_193455.thumb.jpg.c30157e82fbc2f0cdf117a10adc0cfe4.jpg20230423_193520.thumb.jpg.ad2223826b3d95b5bdca29c35b394889.jpg20230423_193541.thumb.jpg.10377859cc6bff7faa0cfd307e886049.jpg20230423_193617.thumb.jpg.3b63ace490d4005e0804e86a25575565.jpg20230423_193656.thumb.jpg.02e9df467c1d2c4f8644f3d0c119c56c.jpg20230423_193721.thumb.jpg.9a58ff281d651e7ae3ff67a2e50639c9.jpg20230423_193811.thumb.jpg.44c5c31620467718574ecec9997a190a.jpg


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10 hours ago, Zippi said:

I'm really liking this one.  Great two tone paint.  I'm diggin those wheels.  Torque Thrust?

Thanks Bob. Yes, I believe so. They were included in the kit.

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9 hours ago, TransAmMike said:

Now thats a very nice lookin' '50 David.   The color combo is great. That kit came with a Ardun head flatty?

Thanks Mike and yes, this kit came with the Ardun head flatty as is on this build. 

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15 hours ago, thatz4u said:

great build, well done David, I noticed the steering wheel is still on the left side....😁

Thanks Al. 😄👍Yeah, here in Australia we don't bother with changing the steering over on most of our older USA imports as it's not required on vehicles over 30 years old. 

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