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1/12 Tamiya Datsun 240ZG

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Thanks very much Adam, glad you like it mate. :huh:

Thank you too Rodney. :)

Will try and get a pic or three over the course of the weekend.

The driver's "position" has been the recipient of my attention....the "race style" seat.....passenger will only get a "sport" seat, aka 240Z Safari version. :P

Working on getting her on wheels too....up-rated front brakes (vented and drilled) are getting fitted. Still a bit to go there...:lol:

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Well it's about time you stepped in from that PARADISE you live in to work onna model, for a change!!! Where you been Bro? Like as if LIFE itself is MORE important than MODEL CARS! (Do I sound like some anal members?;) )Just glad ta see ya back atha bench, Greg. You KNOW how much i enjoy these updates from you. I've NEVER seen a 240 Z being assembled, and THIS is probably THE closest I'll EVER get! Keep it up, Bro, we still VERY interested in this build!!!;):DB);)

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I hate to bring back the dead but I'm a huge nissan/datsun lover and at present building this car. But what has happened to this awesome build?!

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I hate to bring back the dead but I'm a huge nissan/datsun lover and at present building this car. But what has happened to this awesome build?!

Hey Ricky, thanks to yourself and Dave, my Datsun enthusiasm is slowly regaining momentum. :)

Guys, I know this build (well, 3 x 240Z builds...) is waaaay long overdue on an update, but you may be pleased to hear, things are ramping up again. :)

I have a container load of bits and pieces on the way, mainly a host of nuts, bolts, fittings and such so I can try to get these big boys done....

ALL 3 (maybe 4 :unsure: ) will be of near equal detail, with the exception of adding working hand-brakes, opening glove compartments and the like....

There have been (and are continuing) some small changes of plans along the way, mainly concerning power plants.....Bare with me while I try and explain. :P

This original build, the 240ZG (OS-Giken motor) is now going to be getting a turbo-charged RB26 GTR engine. It will still be painted blue.

The "stock" 240Z build, (originally with stock motor) will now be getting the OS-Giken motor. It will be orange, to match the car that inspired the build up of the twin-cam motor.

The remainder of this build will still be "stock" with the interior coming from a ZG kit, discarding the race bits from the rally car.

The only addition to body mods will be a custom made front chin spoiler, just like the car that it is to replicate.

#3 build will be a completely stock 240ZG, with the stock engine from the kit above.... :wacko: Phe-eew.....There you have it.

Really it's just a couple of simple motor swaps, but getting them ALL to work was a bigger challenge than actually building them. :lol:

Re-arranging fuel supply lines was the biggest hurdle, since most of these have been in place for a good while, it took me a while to re-think every thing...

The OS-G motor needs to have the exhaust headers rebuilt, as the glue (super glue) has deteriorated and they come apart. :angry:

The new fuel system is now completed and installed on the orange car, and looks something like this.......



The original fuel lines were left in place, as I didn't want to putty all the old mounting holes.... :lol:

It also enabled me to use the "return line" and still have it as a functional line, connected to the new fuel block, draining back to the fuel tank.

The old supply line has been disabled and blocked off.


There we are.....The work bench is now in session. :)

Stay tuned for more as it happens, as I really hope to get the 3 of these progressing at a similar rate of assembly......

Thanks for your continued interest and following guys, I hope you like the small changes.



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hey stump, I hope you enjoyed your time off from building! now its time to get back to work on these bad boys! we missed ya man!! beautiful work brother!!

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Hey Bro is good to see you back on this one (any chance we can get a peek at that RB26DETT ???)

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hey stump, I hope you enjoyed your time off from building! now its time to get back to work on these bad boys! we missed ya man!! beautiful work brother!!

:lol: Thanks Bill. Yes, a break doesn't hurt none now and again I guess....think I'm here for a good while this time. ;)

Joe, it's been lurking in hibernation for a good while, so you have a good excuse. :D

Rom, only an early mock up of the RB engine at this time....the turbo was a very early item from Tim @ TDR. It's a little on the large size, but was the smallest available at that time.

Sitting on a custom fabricated tubular exhaust manifold, it sits way too high.


A smaller, more to scale turbo will be on the way shortly. :) Will run a 3inch mandrel bent system from the turbo back.

It should look right at home sitting in here.....


Ok, well...with just having had a 3 day weekend, you may be excused for expecting more..... :unsure: Amazing how "other" things always need to be taken care of, before modelling time...


As this build is to be as close to "stock" as possible, keeping a few creature comforts was going to be a given.

The basis for the interior will be from the ZG, mainly seats.....or seat. :D The Safari kit shares a good deal of interior pieces, but seating is not one of them.

The passenger seat is the typical tilting/reclining bucket seat.

Also required, was going to be a "stock" seat-belt arrangement....something not even supplied in either kit. :unsure:

So.....I made a pretty basic one from masking tape and painted it black. It is only a temporary thing, till I find something more suitable.

I also started making the stalk to click the belt into, as well as the retractor unit for the belt.



And a trial run, to see how things may look once painted and installed....



Also started on a basic 4/6 point cage. The car I'm basing the build on has a cage installed, otherwise I wouldn't bother....

Driver seat is from a GTR (doner for the RB26) and will have a full race style harness.


This photo I borrowed from Speedhunters.com

The guy that built this car was so generous and helpful with anything I asked of him. He sent some excellent in progress shots.

Hence the reason for my change in direction....


Well, that's all for now guys.....stay tuned for a bit more soon.......



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i am so glad you're back at it!

i bought one myself on late August, can't wait to begin this awesome kit!

keep us updated!

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For seatbelts, I've found that using first aid tape (the white stuff used when taping up a busted ankle) works great. Instead of painting it, I use a Sharpie marker as the ink will soak into the paper or fabric of the tape and still allow the belt to be fully flexible. If you plan on having the belt parts "fixed" in position on the seat, you just need to ink up one side of it and apply the tape to the seat in the position that you want.

Take a look at my 1/12 1967 Corvette Coupe thread in here. I believe, amongst my novels of posts, I have some photos in there of the seatbelts I made for the Vette. At first I tried using masking tape and painting it, but if the tape moved at all the paint would crack and fall off. Plus, the tape was too "stiff" for what I wanted. I then found the first aid tape at the grocery store and there are so many varieties with different types of thread patterns on there. I tried painting them, but again, once the paint dried the belts got too stiff and unwilling to move. That's when I figured I'd give the black Sharpie a try (since my interior is black) and the ink soaked into the tape material and made it nice and dark while allowing the "pattern" on the tape to still show through and remain flexible.

If you aren't going to "fix" the belts into position, you can just take a piece of tape, affix it to itself by bending it in half, mark up both sides with the Sharpie, cut the length and thickness you desire, then use the Sharpie to touch up the edges where the cuts were made. My roommate, who isn't into model building, took a look at the seatbelts and mentioned how real they looked.

The tape costs about $4.00 for a roll that will last a long time, and the Sharpie markers are nice and cheap and available in many colors.

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Thank you so much Nicolas. :)

Justin, thank you too mate, that idea for the seat belts is just what I've been wishing for man. :) I'll drop into my local Chemist/drug store tomorrow afternoon. I have some Sharpies. ;)

Ok, well this is kind of a special update for Rom. :) More work on the RB motor.....

I figured, seeing as I'm working on 2 of these at present, with #3 lurking in the wings, I should keep all 3 in the same thread....no sense making duplicates. :P

So yes, this new RB motor will be finding residence in the bay of the blue car, the original build.

The motor is from a Fujimi 1/12 GTR, and while it does exhibit nice detail, it's not in the game compared to Tamiya. :(

The twin turbo set up was discarded soon after I opened the box, that's how distraught I was when I laid eyes on it. :lol: So the plan was always going to be, BIG single......

Now, over the weekend a decision was also made to go the "not quite stock" route regarding the motor....

Found some great pics of race type set ups, which included some kool cam covers. So I'm making two single cam covers to replace the stock molded cover.

While looking, I also found great reference for this next item......

Each cam gear is made of several pieces, mostly all the tiny sprocket teeth.....didn't count them, but it seemed like a lot..... :lol:

The gray cam electronic component is from the kit.



Also made modifications to a Revell (?) alternator, as the Fujimi piece looks absolutely horrible.

I cut the fan/pulley from the front, detailed them a little, then reattached it with a bolt. New brackets (non-existent..) will also be made.

Been working on the inlet plenum as well.....Here's a group shot of the weekends work.


Not a whole lot I know, but there is a few hours tied up there....plus I was working in between watching the Bathurst 1000 on the telly. :lol:

Hope to have a bit more for you all soon guys, thanks for watching.



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Hey thanks Greg ol buddy for the update I sure love these "Z" cars your building , keep up the excellent and thanks for thinking of me! B) oh and if you check out my Daytona build there is a tutorial on seat belts that tell you which madical tape to purchase cant tell you what page it is though LOL!

Edited by Romell R

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:) Hey, thanks Rom, Jared and Raees. ;)

Rom, cheers man, I got the medical tape sorted...it has a nice pattern which resembles seat belt webbing very closely...No pic of it yet. :rolleyes:

Well, the last week or so has been a little hectic, both with work and at the bench.....

The turbo motor now has a nice set of custom aftermarket cam covers, and a brand new inlet plenum. The plenum I had made, has some new runners fitted. :)

Oh yeah....I deleted the two oil hose fittings on the top...they were too high, and will now get some RBMotion fittings plumbed straight into the tops.


New plenum taking shape, along with fitting an all new fuel rail and fittings....




Test fitting time.....


The turbo I got from Tim and Tony. It's a little large for this build though, so a smaller one is about to get ordered.

I think Raees has plans for this one. :)


Also re-worked the fuel delivery system...

An inline Holley style fuel filter and a Tomei style regulator were made and installed, along with a new fuel line with RBMotion fittings.




The fuel return line was also extended and mated up to the new regulator...


That wraps it up for this installment guys.

Hope to get a little more done soon, and once the new turbo arrives, work will begin on the exhaust....

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you'll like it so far...



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All that work looks amazing. Trust me, once you get the belt material dyed/painted and placed on the seats, it will make you pull back and go "wow!" Happened to me on my '67 Vette. I still look in the side windows and admire how incredible the seatbelts look. What made it feel the most real to me is when my roommate took a look at the belts and the hardware I scratch-built and said "Holy <censored>. This looks just like a real seatbelt to me."

That engine you've put together looks so real it should be illegal. :P:D

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wow...that's a LOT like building a real car except there's a lot less wrenching and a lot more gluing....I'm guessing there's probly the same amount of swearing. ;)

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