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Metropolis Maschinenmensch "Maria," X-Plus, 1/9

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This is the X-Plus kit, which goes together really well if you follow the instructions exactly. The only "gotcha" that got me was that you can't build the entire inner figure as a mannequin and then add the outer suit. Read the order of building in the instructions and follow it. The second leg has to be fitted in place AFTER the rest of the body and some of the suit has been assembled. You can still build the "dummy" and paint it first  -- just make sure that leg is just press fitted when you do. It's very well engineered, so that isn't a problem. The body is Tamiya Gloss Black oversprayed with Tamiya Metallic Silver and a touch of Titanium Silver for warmth.












Base lighting courtesy of a £4 string of battery powered LED lights from Dunelm and some gaffer tape...



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3 hours ago, Matt Bacon said:

Oh, she does…

Thanks for posting this. I had no idea such a model existed. 

Fine looking build, photography, and lighting. Looks very much like the movie poster.  :D

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