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GSL XXVIII Official Entry photos

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Sorry, not quite yet!

I am working my way through over 2200 photos - these are the photos that Andy Barlow took on a turntable in a light box as the models were entered, so they are for the most part the clearest and best lit photos you'll see of these models, except for the ones Gregg took of selected subjects. I'm doing some basic Photoshop corrections including cropping. As you might imagine, with so many photos, this is a time-consuming process, but the results should be worth it. I'll begin posting them to the GSL Fotki site as they're finished. Please be patient - I want to show these beautiful models off to their best advantage. 

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The first 242 photos are up - only 1981 to go!

Photos are here: https://public.fotki.com/GSL-Model-Car-Championship/gsl-xxviii-the-finale/entries/

Unfortunately, I have no easy way to correlate the builders' names with the photos, so if you see a model you built (or know who did) leave a comment under the photo. I'll post in this thread as I add more photos.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks again for the ongoing updates to what I think is an important archive of this historic meeting. I suggest attendees who know the entrants post their names in the comments. I'll be doing that where I recognize them. Tim Boyd's thread with photos of the names of those he photographed is also a useful cross-reference which should help build out this archive.

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