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Wondering - has anyone worked up a first Generation Dodge Dakota?

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I was going to say you can buy the 3d files and print one, but Andy beat me to it!

Andrey's files just keep getting better. Compare that dash and those door panels to some of his older kits. Even the ones from just a year ago!


I don't believe there has ever been an actual kit though.



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20 hours ago, zaina said:

Yep. I sell a 3d printed one. 



Oh, my - that is a nice looking model!  Just wow!  Amazing!  

(I always thought a mainstream company would offer the 1st Dakota, since they were so popular... I'm glad you've created this)

I'm afraid that I have a lot of questions!  

  • In terms of wheelbase, how does this compare to the 3nd generation Lindberg kit?  I know that was only a snap / curbside, but I think the wheelbase is spot on and if I recall correctly, the wheelbase was the same between the first and second generation truck.
  • Any chance you have the "areo" grill of the 91+ (or was it 92+) models?
  • Do you offer an extended cab version? 
  • What about wheels like this one?

31k-Mile 1992 Dodge Dakota LE 4X4

Most importantly, how does one get a copy of your kit?  Thanks for indulging my questions. 


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