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On 9/18/2023 at 5:55 PM, Jim B said:

That's pretty neat.  Kind of odd that you have to push your 600hp Lutus around with a 12hp lawn tractor.

Considering how tiny Indy cars are compared to your average Detroit iron, probably not that odd.

The tractor was probably included so the box wouldn't look quite so empty.

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7 hours ago, Scale-Master said:

Dirt washes off wheels and tires, oily grime, not so much.  Ever look at real cars?  The chassis and engine are often dirty, but the paint and wheels are clean.

I understand what you stated, but the tractor's tires have a sheen to them (like they were recently coated with Armor All).  Grimy tires usually have dead flat surface.  I suppose that could be caused by the lighting of the model for those photographs.  The tires likely look perfectly acceptable in-person.

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