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1968 Pontiac Firebird aka "Phoenix"


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I've heard horror stories and success stories about this kit. I'm gonna take this kit, tear it apart basically and then put it right back together. I'm building this car for a Club Build and have to have it done by July 2009. So you ready for a roller coaster ride?

First up: I took the kit out of the looked everything over and planned out a plan of action. Made notes, citations, and figured out where enhancements needed to be made.


Second up: I found some wheels I think will suit this build, BUT this could change at anytime durin' the build process.



Third Up: I decided now it's time to blow this car apart!! I opened up the doors, trunk, and removed the cowl/wiper board from it's current location. The cowl was then glued to the leading edge of the hood for a later modifcation.



Well more to come later on. Enjoy! B)

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UPDATE: 2009/March 7th

Well I figured I'd bring everyone up to speed on this one.

I have made the jambs, glued the "tub" together, made the rear trunk "lip," filled in the cowl, and made some other alterations. Thanx for lookin'!






Enjoy! B)

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I just came across this build while looking for info and ideas for a quick build I am doing of this kit. Mine is no where as detailed as this build.

Are ther any updates to this build? Three months- either this got sidetracked or should be looking pretty good by now. Anything??


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