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NNL East 23 (4/18/09) Pictures of Commercial Trucks

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Sorry..I couldn't post sooner..Just returned this past Sunday from attending the NNL East 23 in Wayne NJ. Below is a link to my FOTKI album that has a ton of pictures..I concentrated on the "trucks" especially. You'll see my 4 as usually. Huge turnout, met some of this and other "forum" members..Daniel from Plaskit, met up Dave Natale once again from AITM, Gary Wallace from GW Trucks..and good old Gregg from Model Car Magazine as he was taking pictures.

Off to Maryland next..will post pictures..

Had to make a side trip into NYC prior to coming home..NEVER AGAIN!!

Thanks, Kurt


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Hi Kurt...

Great pictures but I think you underestimated the "ton of pictures". In fact, I think you're overloaded. ;) I have never seen so many models in one place but, on the other hand I have never been to a model show either. There's a big one in Salt Lake in May and thinking about going to it but just as a sightseer.

There are some fantastic models and I'm like Jerry, my vote would go to yours.

Take care,


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No awards..People choice..the car(s) always win...

Just a "great" show and tell.


Hey, dont feel so bad! I went to the NNL Portland Oregon last April 19, there were only TWO class 8 trucks there, (one was mine) and a small handfull of light commercial. You had TONS of beautiful rigs to look at. I'm envious! Thanks for sharing them here. :) Dan

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