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how many of us build one particular model because we know it so well we could build it in the dark? so familiar that we can tell what year it was issued by the amount of flash or what parts the molders took out or put back? me, i'm a sucker for the AMT 49 ford... long out of production, so i switched to the 49 mercury. i must have thirty or more 49-50 ford coupes and convertibles in myriad configurations. from opening the box to putting the plates on, one of these never takes more than a week if box stock and the paint goes on right. now; the reason i NEED therapy models... i built a replica of my 1:1 1978 mustang II rallye using the AMT 77 MII kit.

first; the model on the box ISN'T the AMT version, it's the MPC mold. the MPC mold has detailed but crude front suspension. AMT's has NADA. second; the styled steel wheels are AWOL; my car didn;t have them anyway but what's on the box oughta be IN the box... the engine is crude and inaccurate (again, not correct for my v8 car anyway) but why this lump of plastic when they had an EXCELLENT essex v6 in the CapriII kit?

fabbed up my own "targa" bar and t-tops for it, and used parts box slotted mags to simulate the forged aluminum wheels. basically a curbside kit now, due to utter lack of detail underneath.

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