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A Couple of EModel Cars Questions

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Ok,Gregg,I am concerned here.I am a seller (and buyer) at Emodel cars auction site.I have posed two questions,and both have gone unanswered.I love the aucton site,by the way.

My first question: How do you answer a persons wanted add? It wouldn't let me offer what the person wanted.

Second question: What action do I take for a deadbeat bidder? I have communicated well,and I am not getting the same in return.I have given the buyer ample time to pay to this point.What's the solution (besides relisting the item) IF I don't receive payment?

I understand that Emodel cars is fairly new,and the bugs are still getting worked out.I appreciate that it was created for the model builder who wants to buy and sell without all of the hassle that other auction sites bring.I know that's why I registered,and I give out a great big "Thank you" to everyone who created and maintains that website!


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Todd, there are some bugs with the admin email system.

It has to do with a PHP script, that I can't figure out yet.

I am getting a of emails from the site that actually just gibberish, like some code is in the message.

Since you are registered, you should be able to contact the want ad.

I will check that setting, to make sure.

I will try to put a straight "contact me" on the front page.

For the deadbeat, you can give him/her a negative, and relist.

Let me know the info, and I can suspend account also.

I think you can resend the invoice in the sold auction link.

Let me look at this in the morning.

It's been a chore, and there still a lot of bugs to work out.

Thanks for you support!

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