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hay guys, how you been? back at the bench with a kit I,v been eyeballin for a long time. ;)


got the stance right and a set of wheels that I like, made the backs a little deeper for the right look.


cut the doors off and raised the rear fender wells to fit the rear tires.


kicked out the straight six for a chev 350 with a few goodies. :D


got the trunk open. now it's time to figure out the best way to hinge it. not alot to mount to on the body.

but I like the challange.


figured out the door hinge and tried a test color in the motor compartment, not sure about that.

thats all for now, so enjoy and have fun.....

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Guest Gramps-xrds

Sorry Mike that can't be a bomber if it has donk wheels on it. I've seen a lot of them and never saw one w/ big wheels. Other than that it sounds like a great project and so far it looks pretty good. :mellow::P

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Bomber....? Sorry if I'm not up to speed on the lingo, but I thought that term applied to old style hot rods..... :mellow: Oh well, whatever. But the engine you have is no small block, sure looks like a fat block with those valve covers and exhaust manifolds. A good heart transplant!

You have the Pro Touring look on it.

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Great job on the doors so far............AND your doors swing outside the body like they should for a '53. :P

I like that shade of yellow for this......it suits the body well!

As far as your trunk, you can hinge them on the tulip panel of the body. Basically the same type hinges as your doors............the gooseneck style. If you need a little extra room, you could always build the supports under where the package shelf would be.

The package tray itself would hide the structure although you might have to scratch it out of sheet plastic and attach it that way.

Keep up the good work! :mellow:

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