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Race worn tire look


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Although I've never used a dremel tool to achive the "worn" look on tires I'm not sure if it would give the same results as the following technique. I've only ever "scrubed" the tires with 80grit paper to get the worn race look.

Always wanting to get the fresh hot lap look I finally came up with the following technique. With a little practice I was able to creat a very real looking hot lap tire.


1. Start with 120grit paper and sand the hell out of a spare tire so as to acumulate tire "dust".

2. Mix white glue and semi gloss black acrylic paint.

3. On a flat smooth surface spread a small amount of the "dust"

4. Next using a flat wide brush, brush on a thin coating of the paint/glue.

5. Now roll the tire in the "dust" covering it completely, working quickly roll the tire on a smooth flat surface to embed the dust.

6. Repeat steps 4/5 until you achive the look you want.

Finnishing step optional...you can also sand up different colour plastic and 200grit paper and sparingly sprinkle a very very tiny amount to give the tires the look of picking up "garbage and pebbles" while rolling through the pit garage or into the winners circle.

For motorcycle tires you can do the same except you only do the edges so as to leave the smoother "not so worn" straight line wear mark down the center of the tire.

Good luck




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