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Real or Model #108 FINISHED!

Harry P.

Real or model?  

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Harry - Yea, that is a good one. I'm going with real because the spokes look to be the right size. Most of these model bikes have spokes that are about twice the size of the real thing because they are plastic. Now, granted someone could have strung it with wire, but if they did, it is a really nice job. Real ;)

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I know where the picture is from!! it's from............................Harry's collection!! Seriously, I'm going real, the wing nut and the kickstand says real, but the tailight to me doesnt.

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Moanin Dan, yep ya shorely did! BUT where's Mike-O an the Wolfster? HARRY, now ya see wat yav gon an dun??? Ya gat a WHOLE crew a guys jus waitin on they fix!!! (Mike an Wolf'll be here inna min!) Well Mr. Harry, we's waitin on ya, Waz it gon be Daddy-O Real or Model??? Needy jonesers GOTTA have it, so HIT us Daddy-O HIT US!!!!! :lol:;):lol:

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