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The images you posted appear to be thumbnails, small images created by some program to give a quick and small display of the original. If you took these with a digital camera, there are much larger images stored somewhere on your hard disk and most likely, in the same folder you got these small images from. They probably have a similar name also.

The images straight out of most cameras are typically too large for web posting, actually. You would have to resize them to a size acceptable to the site you are posting to. Most here are posting in the 800 to 1500 pixel size for the wide dimension.

You need a graphics program to make images larger or smaller. But, the files you posted would be very blurry if blown up to a usable size. I use Photoshop for all this, but they others here should be able to direst you to a native Windows program that will change image size respectably.

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Get this http://photobucket.com/ to got bigger pics B) Just register in there and upload pics to your account and then copy IMG-code under your pic and post it here. Then you get pics in here:


Hope this helps. Almost forgot this http://www.gimp.org/downloads/ Its easy and great program to resize your pics. I use size of 600 pixels on my pics.

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