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2010 Dodge Charger Concept Completed

Peter Lombardo

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Ok, here it is completed. My 2010 Dodge Charger Concept built from the renderings of Michael Leonhard. Here are the renderings to refresh your memory:




Even though I followed the body design very closely, well as closely as the renderings allowed, I took a little artistic license with some of the details in the building of this car. Michael did the renderings in orange, red and yellow, all with black roofs and a black stripe on the rear deck. He also did one rendering in a plum crazy purple but with a white top and stripe. I liked the idea of the plum crazy, but I wanted it with black trim and interior rather than white.



As it turned out, I installed the black rear deck stripe but removed it because the car looked better to me without the stripe…as with the 68 and 69 Chargers, I was never a fan of that stripe because it made the rear look shorter in my eye…I preferred the longer rear deck look as it flowed better…well, at least I thought it did.



The other major difference in my build is the addition of the vinyl roof covering. The renderings appear to have a painted roof. I think the vinyl roof is a classic look for the car. This new design is based upon the 68/69 design and back then, vinyl roofs were very popular so I think it is a more “period†correct design feature. I kept the interior pretty much as the stock interior looks with the exception of the conversion to a two door and of course, I two toned the interior with black and purple. Because of that, I scratch built the door panels to fit better and to replicate the originals. I did expand on the idea of the door speakers with a modern colored speaker face. I wanted to add a red stripe to the tires but because the tires are such low profile it was impossible….not a big deal, but it would have looked pretty cool, I think.

Even though I began this build with the Testers Dodge Charger, every panel and surface has been modified. The roof was chopped and repositioned. The doors and hood received some serious scallops which required the back surfaces of both to be built up with sheet styrene as the scallops were deeper than the thickness of the plastic. All of the windows were cut from sheet acetate and epoxy’ed in place. The engine and chassis were built basically stock but I reworked the suspension to lower the wheels, especially because of their enormous size….they are crazy big, but I really like how the Hoppin’ Hydro wheels look on the car.


The paint is House of Kolor pearl, but it is a custom mix that I made using three different reds and purple pearls….basically, I had small amounts of a few different bottles left over, and being basically cheap (some might say frugal, but I know I can be cheap) I mixed them all together in the correct proportions to come up with what I think is a great color for this car.


Obviously I am happy with the result. I was not thrilled with the way the interior and chassis mated up with the body….actually, I had a horrible time putting it all together. As with most of my builds, at least it seems this way, all of the “dry†fitting is ok, but after paint and detail, nothing wants to go back together properly. The front sits too high for my liking, but I could not get it to fit any better…and I was worried that if I applied too much pressure I would damage something that “showed†so this is the height that it is staying.

Next it is on to finish my MGB replica of the actual car that I just completed a 4 year rebuild on….and then the finalization of the wood buck for the 1930’s Art Deco Sports Coupe I will vacuum form. That is a major challenge…..this Charger was minor in scope compared to what I have to do on that build.

Thanks for looking, thanks for reading all of this, assuming that you did, and as always, your comments, pro and con, are always welcome.

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The vinyl top does look like it belongs there, and was a great choice - IMHO :) .

Everything flows vey nicely, and the proportions look just right.

I'm waitin' on the next installment on your vacuum forming project :P .

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You certainly captured the look well in plastic, Dodge should have built that instead of what they did. My gripe is with the basic design, not your work. I think that on this design, as well as the Challenger, a 3-4" section would have been a better look. The bodies on both seem a bit too tall for the roof height. I'm not bashing your work, it's great! I am speaking of the artwork, and the real Challenger. Great work man! I really like it.

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To all of you guys that replied, thank you, I really appreciate it.

Lee, you are exactly right, the car is too tall from the windows down. I agree completely with your observation.

As I was building it, I keep saying to myself that it is such a shame that Chrysler made the Dodge Charger so tall. I chopped the roof down as the concept renderings showed, but that just makes the side panels look that much taller. The front is so tall that there are basically two grills for the car stacked one on top of the other. As I was building the car and changing the panels, I just kept thinking that it is so tall. I really dislike the actual Charger’s style very much.

The Chrysler 300 is fine with me because it is more of a “formal†sedan along the lines of a Bentley or a Rolls, but the Charger is supposed to be “American Muscle†and slick, sleek and aggressive……it, unfortunately is none of that, in my opinion.

I thought that Michaels redesign was a great step forward and that is why I wanted to model it. I am happy that I built it, but I agree with you, the design has inherent shortcomings in it because it is based on the original Chrysler (Dodge) design and platform.

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...the Charger is supposed to be “American Muscle” and slick, sleek and aggressive……it, unfortunately is none of that, in my opinion.

Amen to that! What a shame that the new Charger wound up looking like a brick instead of that fantastic concept Charger they first showed us.

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Amen to that! What a shame that the new Charger wound up looking like a brick instead of that fantastic concept Charger they first showed us.

Double Amen to that :rolleyes: . i like this one way better than the ones you see drivin' around. Nice job man B)

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Chrysler should consult with you for the redesign. I do agree, a little lower beltline would be nice...and help visibility.

Perhaps a large coupe- called the Charger, and the rename the sedan Polara or Monaco, with the Challenger being a short-wheelbase, smaller car? The present one's a little big, not bad looking, but a little big.

Charlie Larkin

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