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I have built over 15 of these kits in several different configurations Chevy & GMC Fall Guy to Hardcastle as well as my own Hot Rod versions of these trucks Have spare parts from cab's and box's to just about everything else. There was an original truck kit from about 1974 that had the square front end cab's also. Let me know if I can be of assistance.

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There was a company in Germany that produced a very nice resin transkit to be used with the 84 GMC pickup kit to build an accurate "Fall Guy" pickup. It came with a long bed, better decals (all of them), a new roll bar, a bench seat, the second fuel tank and photo etch for the side trim strips, the side emblems and the "box" that goes across the front of the bed that was used as a hiding place for Colt?

I have one here, bought it last year. I'm not sure if they are still selling it though?

They sold the decals by themselves as well for people that wanted to scratch build the bed. They may still have the decals for sale?

This is that same company that made that super nice "Eleanor" Mustang trans kit.

I'm pretty sure the company is called Scale Productions.

The kit part# is SPTK24039

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This isn't a new thread :P But it's interesting because I wanted to check out the difference between short and long bed versions.

Here's one I'm creating in resin as a 1:32 slot car bodyshell. Nothing like this exists right now so I even need to create the wheels and tires. Here's the first resin casting from the silicone mold


And with windows cleared and some paint on. The wheels are just blank for the moment but the tires are custom urethane moldings


These are the new wheels which I'm getting made


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I need to get this kit to build a version of my wife's old truck she built in high school. Had a 6" lift on 36s with a 454 punched to 468. Short box with mile deep black and bed bars with a grille guard to match. Her ex husband totaled it and blew the motor.

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I had to redesign the front suspension because the tires were fouling on the wheelarches. I moved the kingpins out so they pivot within the tire's footprint, now they don't swing around so far when the truck steers.


Graphics drawn up and made


And it all fits together!


Click for the youtube video


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