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Rather than go with a 426 as originally planned, I'm going to build a 392 Hemi blower motor. I've mocked it up to make sure everything fits. Now I can build some engine and trans mounts and get it sitting in the chassis so I can finish the firewall and floor.



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Today I mocked up some mounts and have the engine and trans sitting where I want them. I also opened up the floor to accomodate the bellhousing and trans. Everythings roughed in but its getting the "look" that I'm after.




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The TDR chassis and IFS kit are good pieces but they do come with some minor issues. The IFS kit that I am useing is nicely designed and includes steering arms but it does not include a rack and pinion.


Fortunatly, TDR does have an aftermarket rack and pinion kit. Its a bit bulky and not a "bolt on" for their IFS, but with some modification, it can be made to work.


For this application, I'll be useing a rear steer version. This will require modifications to the chassis front cross member in order to mount the rack.

I have discussed my concerns about the IFS/R&P with Don from TDR. He assures me they are aware of the problem and that in time, it will be fixed. To their credit, these guys listen to customer comments.

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While building mounting brackets for the rack and pinion, I discovered a weakness in the front crossmember. I used some styrene strip and boxed in the top and bottom of the crossmember to give it additional strength. Now I can finish the steering rack brackets, shape everything and finish it with some smear.



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As mentioned previously, I've had to modify the front crossmember in order to fit the R&P. I still wasn't happy so now I've added an addition to the crossmember so that when attached, the R&P will be properly aligned.



Now that its "right", I can finish shapeing the cross member and R&P mounting brackets with some smear and smooth and primer it.

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Thanks Dave!

The new front crossmember is now finished. All I have to do now is scratch some stylish mounting tabs for the rack. It looks a bit bulky in raw form, but once the rack and radiator are attached it won't look so ugly.



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With the front cross member finished, I fabbed some tabs to mount the rack and pinion. The tabs still need a bit of shape, but I can now move forward with other items.


When dropping a violent blown Hemi backed by a Lenco into a 1:1 hot rod, its not a good idea to use motor mounts and a trans mount. Typically, the use of front and rear engine plates is the safe way to go so thats what I've done in the buildup of my 8th scale hot rod.





The front plate will be bolted to the block and secured to the chassis via mounting brackets on the down tubes that extend from the roll cage to the front of the chassis. The rear plate is also bolted to the block and will be attached to the firewall and a additional hoop that will be attached to the cage and the chassis.

Please keep in mind that these photos show the mock up of the fabricated pieces and there's still some shapeing to be done in order to make them look right. Also, many thanks to Dave for helping out with photos of some 1:1 cars.

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