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The P/L kits were such a treat because it had been a long time since any of the manufacturers offered a kit with a Logghe style chassis. They are decent, with just a few easily correctable problems. In my opinion the JoHan Logghe chassis was the best. Too bad those molds ended up in the debacle. I am looking forward to seeing what Revell comes up with in the new kits. You have done a wonderful job on this build, especially considering the time doing it. One thing about building old drag cars is that it is very academic. Those cars changed from day to day let alone week to week.


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Thanks to all the positive comments as well as the rest.

I guess I transferred some of my current HOME stress into a post and blasted.

For that I apologize to Harry and Mark.

I just built a model car is all.

As for 4 days? It was more like a week all told, although the assembly [and some of the fabrication] was 4 days.

I'll keep my personal stress away from this board, as all of you have been nothing but nice to me all the while I've been here.

As for the rivet counting? It was part of my stress, nothing more.


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Sorry for the 'zombification' of this thread, but I am building the exact same kit. I keep returning to this thread for inspiration and reference... like are the wheelie bars supposed to stick out at weird angles like they do?? I ended up bending the forward arms around the frame just a bit to make the fit a bit better. I have to agree with most of the 'other' comments as well. NASCAR, run whatcha brung!!!! If it is FWD in the real world, then it better be FWD on the track!!! Maybe we will see some innovation from the big 3! NHRA, again, if it don't look like the car it is supposed to be than it doesn't run. BRING BACK THE AERO WARS!!!!!!!!

Anyrate, great job on the build! Harry, don't worry, I have red metalflake ready to go for the body :D

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