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Visor options 4 the Revell USA KW W900 Snap kit

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I'm excited to see this kit return :-*. My absolute favorite 1:1 truck is the KW W900 Aerodyne with the original roofline of the Aerodyne sleeper. Available on the real thing until 1996/7. After that, the Aerodyne II was the only version available.

If you're like me, the lack of an exterior sunvisor in this kit is disappointing. With the Snap Pete 359, the problem is easily cured by using the Revell of Germany visor, and sanding the mating surfaces between cab and visor down a little. Practically a perfect fit. Not so easy with the KW. This isn't really a how-to, just a comparison for reference.

You will see 3 visors. The red one is from an AMT KW W925. The white one is by The Back Yard Shed, available from SourKraut's Model Truck Parts. The light grey one is from the 1/24 Revell of Germany Kenworth Dump Truck kit.

The Snap KW cab you will see is silver. That is the original 1982 issue of the kit. I absolutely love the stripes in this kit. I just wish I could get them in differnt colors. The red and orange with the black outline does look nice though.


First, I'll show a discovery. The Back Yard Shed visor is a resin copy of the Revell of Germany visor. 1/24 is the scale. Nothing wrong with that, as it saves buying a $50 kit for it. The size is the same, and they both have the 3 notches on the rear edges. Here they are for comparison.


Now for the comparison between the AMT(red) and Back Yard Shed/Revell of Germany visor against the cab of the original Monogram 1/25 KW W900 Aerodyne snap kit.

Top of visors:


Bottom of visors:


Here they are together:


AMT visor:


AMT again:




The AMT visor is almost wide enough by itself. It looks like if it were widened, it would slip right into place. The BYS/ROG visor, is narrower. You may be asking, how is a 1/24 scale visor narrower than a 1/25?? The next pic will explain.


You will see that the 1/24 scale cab has a notch in the corner where the visor would go. If the cab is notched, either might fit. It will be awhile b4 I build mine. I will experiment with both to see which fits best and looks nicest when the time comes. I hope this helps. I don't have a definate solution yet, but this gives some ideas, and lets you know what you'll be dealing with.

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For those who read this post b4 I edited it, I mistakenly referred to the aftermarket visor sold by SourKraut as being made by G.W.Trucks. It's actually by The Back Yard Shed. Sorry about the mix-up. I have corrected the text to reflect this.

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so which one do i use?

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