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1932 Drifter


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went at this one with fast and furious tokyo drift in mind. the movie went with a mustang.

I used a 32 5 window coupe. also went for a bare steel body (no paint) look.

motor is a twin turbo V6 from a 300z kit and wheels are from revell tuner kit and sleeved

the back wheel for a hot rod look. speakers from the hummer kit.



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Wow I've seen a 32 Ford built as a rat rod, a hot rod, a street rod, as a stock rod, and I think I even saw one built as a monster truck, but never in all my years have I seen one done as a drifter :D . I kinda like the way the back wheels look, cause their "deep-ish". Nice job :)

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yea mike no problem. first sprayed in gray primer,then sprayed wal-mart alluminum,

then scuffed with scotch bright pad lightly.(not enough to go through the primer)

then used black wash over the whole thing. I really like the way it turned out... :lol:

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I Love the Build!

Where did you get the pin-striping decal on the back deck?

It seems to be Von Dutch's "Harvey shaken by cross-breeding" - one of his more famous single works.

Some have called it his self portrait.

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CRAZY JIM, I would have a hard time building a kit with out the pegasus wheel sleevs. this set looks like the pegasus set but the centers are from the revell eclips tuner kit. sanded off the ridge on the wheel and slid right in.

SEEKER 589, the decal on the back came on the decal sheet in the kit. comes in black and white.

set the car in the glass case at the local hobby shop today, we will see what happens....

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