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My VW Modifications,


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post-5688-12651832793619_thumb.jpgthe post top

post-5688-12651832902317_thumb.jpgthe hard top

Ipost-5688-12651831800075_thumb.jpghis side and her side, haha.

post-5688-12651832234232_thumb.jpgoriginal car


post-5688-12651832663191_thumb.jpgthe limo

post-5688-12651833200969_thumb.jpgthe Pope-mo-bile

had alot of fun with this one VW.

and it was so easy to do.

Thanks for looking.










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Some cool lookin' VWs there Robert, and that streeeetttccchheed out racer-- very cool.

Let's see us some morecool.gif

thank you so much, it's funny how you find

just the rite picture, and you get a little

carried away with it, haha


here's another one i'm working on to start

building after i'm done my 56 ford truck



TailightMockup3-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki


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.....a little carried away....??? laugh.gifI just don't worry about that anymore--less stress that way!

Ok, now what ya got-- carrying us away? unsure.giflaugh.gif

Lookin' inkeresting, but what you started with? Looks like metal.

Can't wait to see sidewize 'n @.cool.gif

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well, what i have is the typical revell '41 willy's street rod, but, i think up alll of my ideas and then photoshop them up, and then i build them, i'm not building a metal car, but i am building a plastic one, i use my small bandsaw to slice things up nice and neatly and use alot of new donor models to build each one, ya they end up costong alot and taking a while to finish, but they look amazing when done up.


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