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Variations on a T


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Took some new pics of my Li'l T (with the big wheels) the other day and while getting the pics ready for uploading, I was doing the final adjustments-- cropping, lighting adjustments, etc in the simple HP Image Zone I have here. 8winners-vi.jpgHere's the 'normal' pic of the Li'l T adjusted for best look before uploading to my Fotki.


Here I converted it to black & white, did some pushing of the limits of contrast & brightness, etc,

saved it to a jpeg, then put it in my Photo Explosion softie to 'sign' it. Almost has a pencil drawn

look to it. Just might have to print it up and frame it.smile.gif


Basically same drill: First, in HP Image Zone, I applied the 'solarization' filter to the top image.

I believe I then did a wee bit of adjusting of the contrast & lighting in 'adjust image', and again,

saved it to a jpeg, opened it up in Photo Explosion to 'sign' it. Always like the effect when applying

the solarization filterblink.gif.

I spend waaaaayy too much time playing with the little colored pixelsbiggrin.gif

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Thanks Jairus. Yeah, the b&w works. Solarization can be cool, but everything just has to be right for that to happen.unsure.gif I do so like seeing the colors change tho.....blink.giflaugh.gif

I've almost thought of changing my user name to "Pixel Pilot' at times. Being OCPD, I must be productive, so yeah, my 'playing' is at all times really 'practising' to the un-informed. Gotta be me, and the more I is me, the better off everything, and everybody, ismellow.giflaugh.gif Since I 'retired' 4 years ago from 33 years inna steel mill, I love telling peeps when asked what my occupation is--"Goof off"laugh.gif

Awaiting delivery of my new super Dell computer (12GBRAM--1TB hard drive)cool.gif Unless the FedEx truck is running a plow up front, I doubt it's gonna show up today tho with all the snow we got. Was supposed to arrive yesterday. I'm part of a band and they have been so kind as to provide Adobe's Creative Suite 4 so I can do video editing as well as other artwork. Really looking forward to being back in the hallowed halls of PhotoShop againsmile.gif

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