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Took some new pics of my 51 Chevy 'Primer Liner' yesterday. Was playing with this pic

doing different things to it until I got the look I wanted. Basically applied a 'solarization'

filter to the pic after cropping it and rotating it a bit (original pic made it look like it had

a flat up frontlaugh.gif ) The solarizaton filter gave it a bit of a dark, sinister look-- no red in

the pic at that point. I saved that solarized pic to a jpeg, opened it up in my Photo

Explosion softie, and 'painted' in the glowing red headlights, and seeing how cool they

looked, I just had to 'install' some red glowies behind that toothy grille.


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Thanx Erik, but 'tisn't PhotoShopping what done the deed. I used a softie called 'PHOTO EXPLOSION 3' from Nova Development. Have used it for years and keep recommending it to peeps as it's very user friendly and dirt cheap-- around $50 at Staples, or online thru 'Nova Development'. Everbody seems to think they gotta have the 'real' thing, and go to all kindsa lengths to get the PhotoShop fer really big bucks. True, the 'PHOTO EXPLOSION' softies are nowhere near what PhotoShop is, but for most peeps what wanta do a little artsie fartsie stuffs, fer $50 they can not go wrongo with it. I've just recently got the Adobe Creative Suite 4 that has PhotoShop, Illustrator, and a host of other stuff, and I'll probably not use even close to half of it in my lifetime.

Thanx fer the kindly words-- I like them effects too. Would love to have a 1:1 what's lit up like that!wink.gif

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