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Which type of paints to use

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Hi fellow hobbyist !

I'm starting up this hobby again after about 25 years and would like some help on the paint I should use and where I can purchase them. There are so many choices out there now.

I just purchased my Paasche H Airbrush Set with the air brush compressor. Single Action. I researched this for days and found my best bet is the Paasche H single action and everybody that I read had them just loved the finished look from the gun.

What I get confused on is the type and maker of paint to use. I'm looking for the almost perfect Gloss look and flake effect. I'm also going to paint my own details (Flames) on my projects. I want to do everything by hand including the decals. Yep I'm going to do my own decals but use my airbrush to make them.

I don't want to deal with the mixing so I'm looking for paints that are pre-thinned. Also I would like to find good paint. From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best "7" would be a good find.

For a start I purchased the All-Purpose Acrylic 6 Color Airbrush Paint Set from Testors (http://links.blazertech.com/redirect.asp?http://www.testors.com/product/136639/9199/_/All-Purpose_Acrylic_6_Color_Airbrush_Paint_Set) just to get used to the airbrush.

Other items I purchased for my airbrush were:

*Moisture Trap from Paasche

*Seven Brush Airbrush Cleaning Kit from Paasche

*Paint Shaker/Battery from Robart

The paint's I was looking at for the finished coat were:

*Spaz Stix Airbrush Paint Yellow 2 oz

*Spaz Stix Airbrush Paint Mirror Chrome 2 oz

*Spaz Stix Airbrush Paint Green 2 oz

*Spaz Stix Airbrush Paint Window Tint/Shadow Tint 2 oz

*Spaz Stix Surface Pre-Prep Airbrush 2 oz


If anyone see's I missed something, please let me know.

It would be great if anyone can give me advice.

Take care



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as for getting a perfect glossy finish. IMO you don't need to buy fancy expensive paints. good old dupli-color lacquer works awesome I use the paint shop clear it can be used over any type of base paint and there's no re-coat window or thinning required and polishes out perfectly. polishing is what makes the paint job.

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